Free Risk Register Template for your Risk and Issue Management

By Alex Beck | Mar 18, 2021 1:44:03 PM

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Free Risk Register Template for your Risk and Issue Management

By Alex Beck | Mar 18, 2021 1:44:03 PM

We have developed a risk register template based on our clients' experience and using a template available from the WeTrack system as the basis. Not every field will be useful to every risk manager, but each provides valuable information in tracking uncertainty. The key is to be consistent so that you and anyone else managing risk for your organisation or event can understand all of the information in the risk register. You can download it towards the bottom of the page.

risk register template

You will also find some introductory pieces on risks, issues and opportunities, and the strategies for dealing with these uncertainties. There is also an impact, likelihood and overall rating matrix for you to customise to ensure that you have a clear organisational methodology for measuring the severity of a risk.

If you want to download the template, just scroll down to the button below - there's no sign-up or form-filling required.

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In case you would like further introductions to risk and issue management, we have produced a series of blog posts, detailed here:

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Thank you for reading. Click here to download your free risk register template in Excel. No form required!

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WeTrack's risk and issue management module

If only everything always went to plan, there would be no need for this module! Uncertainty is daunting and it complicates your planning, so we built a module to make risk management simple. Use our integrated risk register to identify, track and deal with risks, issues and opportunities through to completion, rating risks, building strategies and action steps to manage them, and retaining a full audit trail of your risk management.

If you use the attached template, we can quickly import your risks, issues, opportunities and actions into your WeTrack system.



We have also produced a comprehensive white paper aimed at helping events, venues and organisations to deal with uncertainty. Click here to read The Complete Guide to Risk and Issue Management.


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