What is enterprise project management?

By Alex Beck | Jan 4, 2021 9:56:31 AM

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What is enterprise project management?

By Alex Beck | Jan 4, 2021 9:56:31 AM

Organisations are increasingly coming to WeTrack to facilitate effective project and / or event management across their whole organisation. With this in mind, we are taking the opportunity to write about enterprise project managementgovernance, or whatever you want to call it - managing multiple complex projects simultaneously across your organisation or event.

Enterprise project management gets your whole organisation working as a collective to achieve objectives, communicating across varied departments and projects to facilitate effective and efficient work. It is a methodology that unifies your organisation and maximises opportunities to collaborate, in order to allocate resources, manage risks, and execute important projects. It focuses on long-term goals and bigger business objectives, rather than short-term activity.

It lets you streamline your project management, ensuring good practices throughout, rather than the inefficiencies of working in silos. When you have stakeholders and departments across the organisation working on a project together - perhaps remotely or in different countries - you need to give them the means to communicate and collaborate.

Villanova University showed that companies converting to an enterprise project management model could increase profits by up to 20%. That comes from saved time, reduced risk, and less re-work.

Read on to see four tips on how to follow an enterprise project management model for your organisation's work.

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How to introduce enterprise project management into your organisation

  • Demonstrate the benefits across the organisation. You need to achieve buy-in both across company and department leaders, and the wider organisation. Convince them in the same way that you have been convinced, showing them how it will make their lives easier and their quality of work higher.
  • Assign or hire qualified project managers to oversee the change. At this level, having experienced individuals oversee your projects and programmes will bring much-needed efficiency and coherence. Introducing and enacting enterprise project management into your organisation is a complex project in itself!
  • Put in the time, and go big. Get every department in the organisation involved, and take the time to onboard them into this new way of thinking. Show them how they can collaborate, and get them started with some useful reporting so that their work starts off on the right track.
  • Use enterprise project management software. At the enterprise level it needs to be able to handle complex projects with hundreds (or thousands) of tasks, as well as manage risks and issues, and run bespoke reports. Keeping track of timelines, workloads and progress is near-on impossible without a central online hub of activity, and it would be very difficult to relate risks to the individuals, departments and projects they impact. That's where WeTrack can help - learn more below.

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Complex business-as-usual project management or event programme management in WeTrack

Whether you are delivering events or not, WeTrack helps you better manage and collaborate on your projects. Host your complex operations in one place, ensuring consistency across your organisation, and benefit from automated reporting and custom notification to save countless hours of emails and meetings. And improve risk, issue and opportunity management processes to make your organisation more secure.

We have loved helping organisations like the FIA, Team England (Commonwealth Games), and Ascot Racecourse in their ongoing project management. Peter Bayer, Secretary General Sport at FIA, said that "WeTrack's software has developed better synergies between departments and increased efficiency in project management". If that sounds like something you need, get in touch below for a demo and free trial.

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