Tracking Against the UN Sustainable Development Goals in WeTrack

By Alex Beck | Feb 24, 2022 3:43:21 PM

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Tracking Against the UN Sustainable Development Goals in WeTrack

By Alex Beck | Feb 24, 2022 3:43:21 PM

WeTrack's Sustainability Tracking Software

Track sustainability properly: improve your standards, hit your targets and share your achievements. WeTrack's sustainability tracking software for sport, events and venues is ready for release. Your customers, stakeholders and investors are demanding that you track sustainability and we are giving you the tool to do that: managing your information in one place, collaborating with and engaging your team - and having confidence, and proof, that you are making a positive impact on the world around you.

Using WeTrack's sustainability tracking module enables you to manage your sustainability journey proactively and consistently, with automatic alerts to colleagues to update their indicators - rather than using spreadsheets and emails to collate your sustainability data.

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Tracking the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals in WeTrack

Tracking against the UN SDGs will be relevant for almost every WeTrack client. Each indicator tracked within WeTrack can be assigned to one or more of the Goals; and the progress of indicators assigned to each of the particular Goals can be viewed in the Dashboard, as below.

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WeTrack's Sustainability Dashboard, almost ready for release, with the UN SDGs widget visible in the bottom left

NB. The RAG rating is automatically calculated based on the last update recorded for that indicator. Green means the indicator is on target, Amber means the indicator is narrowly off track and Red means the indicator has slipped well behind what was expected or desired.

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These Goals are an essential reference point and benchmark for any organisation developing a sustainability strategy. If you are at the very beginning of your sustainability journey, take fifteen minutes to identify which of them might apply to your organisation or event. It could be four or five, or fourteen or fifteen.

We recommend using the guidance and rigour provided by the international standards (ISOs) for managing sustainability. ISO standards exist to support the three pillars of sustainable development that underpin the SDGs: economic, social and environmental performance. ISOs exist for Government, Industry and Consumers, and it is the responsibility of everyone in their professional and personal capacity to identify where we could contribute to the Goals.

For sport, events and venues, we recommend awareness of 3 ISOs at the very least:

  • ISO 20121: this standard supports events to structure sustainability efforts across the three pillars of economic, social and environmental performance;
  • ISO 26000: this standard offers practical guidance and recommendations for your social responsibility;
  • ISO 22379: this new standard in development will help cities to manage major events in a safe, secure and sustainable way.

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We would love you to show you our new sustainability tracking software in greater detail. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch here to arrange a demo.


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