Track your Sustainability Series: Major Event Legacy

By Alex Beck | Sep 2, 2021 8:51:58 AM

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Track your Sustainability Series: Major Event Legacy

By Alex Beck | Sep 2, 2021 8:51:58 AM

As we build up to the release of our new sustainability tracking software for sport, events and venues, we are running a series of articles digging deeper into the areas that organisations in this space will want to track. First up - major event legacy.

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What do we mean by major event legacy?

Legacy is the long-term impact of a major event on the host area: this is as broad as it sounds, with cultural, economic, social, environmental, physical and sporting considerations. It is mostly considered in relation to the world's biggest events - the Olympics, Football World Cups - but is valuable to consider for an event of any size. For example, event agency Brand Brewery reported that the UK economy was boosted by £14.2bn in the two years after the London 2012 Olympics.

For venues and organisations, your 'legacy' is something to be considered in 365 planning, scrutinising the ongoing footprint of your business.

Which United Nations Sustainable Development Goals does it particularly relate to?

Really, every Goal is relevant here. Sport, events and venues have a huge footprint, and with that the ability to leave a mark on every aspect of a host country / city. Take particular note of 4 Quality Education, 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities, and 12 Responsible Production and Consumption.

UN SDGs for SportThe United Nations Sustainable Development Goals...for Sport!

Why should you track it?

In short: so that years after your major event, you have data to demonstrate its impact. Tracking legacy formally in an online hub will enable you to remain committed to your efforts. Legacy is complex and there are a lot of intangibles - the more data you collect, the more you can cut through that complexity and examine your event's legacy more effectively.

As a host city or nation, having comprehensive data to prove the benefits of your major event puts you in a strong position to host future major events. Indeed, at Olympic level, one of the strategic objectives for the International Olympic Committee is to capture and analyse the legacy of past Olympic Games. Could your major event be a launchpad for the area to host future major events?

Which metrics should you be looking at?

There is a lot that you could consider here. Building out a legacy strategy will be the remit of a particular individual or team within your organisation, and there is no single pattern to follow. For mega events, areas like the post-event use of new infrastructure built for the event must be tracked. Otherwise, you have the freedom to choose where you want to have a lasting positive impact.

Some metrics are harder to track than others - how do you pinpoint medium to long-term economic impacts arising directly from a major event? But do consider participation (e.g. in grass-roots level sport), the environment, job creation, and education.

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WeTrack's Sustainability Tracking Software

Track sustainability properly: improve your standards, hit your targets and share your achievements. WeTrack is building sustainability tracking software for sports organisations, major events and venues. Your customers are demanding that you track sustainability and we are giving you the tool to do that: managing your information in one place, collaborating with and engaging your team - and having confidence, and proof, that you are making a positive impact on the world around you.

Get in touch to learn more about how we are helping organisations like you to track their sustainability. Or, watch our short introduction to WeTrack. Thanks for reading!


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