Track your Sustainability Series: Human Rights

By Alex Beck | Sep 22, 2021 2:24:53 PM

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Track your Sustainability Series: Human Rights

By Alex Beck | Sep 22, 2021 2:24:53 PM

As we build up to the release of our new sustainability tracking software for sport, events and venues, we are running a series of articles digging deeper into the areas that organisations in this space will want to track. Next up - human rights.

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What do we mean by human rights?

Human rights is a concept so large that it is difficult to define, but in essence human rights encompasses the basic quality of life and standard of treatment that every human being deserves. Human rights are considered morally, as well as being protected in a lot of local and international law.

The milestone document in the pursuit of human rights for all is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, declared by the United Nations in Paris in 1948.

Whilst human rights is an issue that falls under the remit of the world's largest governments and mega organisations, it should be considered by all organisations that employ individuals and rely on a supply chain.

Which United Nations Sustainable Development Goals does it particularly relate to?

Really, every Goal is relevant here because the SDGs work towards a world that everyone deserves to live in. Some we would definitely recommend exploring further are 1 No Poverty, 2 Zero Hunger, 4 Quality Education, 5 Gender Equality, 7 Clean Water and Sanitation, 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, and 10 Reduced Inequalities.

un sdgsWhy should you track it?

You might also be thinking 'are human rights issues relevant to my organisation?'. The fact is, the issue of human rights is too important to be ignored, even if you think it might only be tangentially relevant to your operations. For some organisations, though, there will be obvious areas to consider. One that springs to mind is if you are reliant upon a supply chain, consider the treatment of workers within that chain.

Spend some time thinking about the areas where your business could impact on human rights, using the UN SDGs as a guide.

Which metrics should you be looking at?

A lot of the metrics here might cross over with what you track as part of your corporate social responsibility / internal governance, and that's great. Broad areas that you might want to consider are liberty and security; nutrition and food safety; access to health facilities; and access to positions of power, executive rights and legal protections.

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WeTrack's Sustainability Tracking Software

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Get in touch to learn more about how we are helping organisations like you to track their sustainability. Or, watch our short introduction to WeTrack. Thanks for reading!


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