Southampton FC select WeTrack to improve operations

By Eric Solem | Jul 18, 2023 2:58:46 PM

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Southampton FC select WeTrack to improve operations

By Eric Solem | Jul 18, 2023 2:58:46 PM

WeTrack, the leading provider of innovative planning, sustainability and operations software celebrates another significant win with Southampton Football Club. WeTrack has secured a multi-year contract with Southampton FC, positioning itself as the club's preferred platform for planning, risks, and sustainability. The agreement demonstrates Southampton FC's confidence in WeTrack's capabilities and the value it brings to their organization.

Southampton FC remains dedicated to making operational improvements within their organization. By investing in WeTrack's cutting-edge software, Southampton FC aims to streamline its working practices, improve reporting, and modernize its operations across St Mary's Stadium and the Stapelwood training ground.

Peter Ward, founder and Managing Director at WeTrack said, “We are excited to be working with Southampton FC to make operational improvements across the club and to help digitise working processes and automate reporting capabilities. This project sits across multiple departments and will improve accountability for planning, risk, sustainability tracking and stadium operations. We are proud to support Southampton FC as they strive to build a more innovative and efficient club for their fans and staff."

Southampton FC's recent decision to expand its partnership with WeTrack demonstrates the tangible benefits they have experienced since implementing the platform. The upcoming season will see St Mary's Stadium equipped with WeTrack's advanced control room capabilities, enabling Southampton FC to provide valuable insights for informed decision- making.

Tim Greenwell the Chief Governance & Operations Officer at Southampton FC commented, “We are delighted to have started working with WeTrack with the idea of starting to digitise and automate our working practices and reporting capabilities throughout our stadium and operations more generally. Their product offers us a great solution that we are able to use across all of the sites that we operate so that we have improved, centralised record keeping, and we are able to track trends more closely which then informs us of areas that we might need to improve. By doing this we have already seen that we are able to understand and manage our risks more closely as well as being able to identify areas that we could improve for our fans and staff in a more informed way.

This project is an important first step for us as we look to build a better, increasingly modern and more innovative experience for our staff and fans. While we have had a challenging season on the pitch and have a lot of work to do across St Mary’s Stadium, we have an ownership group and leadership team that is really committed to building a better club for our fans. Improving our infrastructure and ‘back-of-house’ elements will undoubtedly help us achieve that. As we have already seen, having the right data available to us really helps us to prioritise work and find improvements we can try out.”

The collaboration with Southampton FC marks a significant milestone for WeTrack, reinforcing its position as a leading solution provider in the sports industry. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, WeTrack remains committed to empowering organizations across various sectors to achieve project success and drive exceptional results.


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