Introduction to Readiness - WeTrack

By Alex Beck | Aug 5, 2020 10:35:33 AM

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Introduction to Readiness - WeTrack

By Alex Beck | Aug 5, 2020 10:35:33 AM

WeTrack was born out of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games by project and venue managers who wanted to improve the way we plan and deliver events. Our major event readiness software has helped organisations make their complex readiness programmes more coherent and it is an increasingly popular module. Here, we introduce it, explain its purpose, and set out what we hope for our clients to achieve with it. It was developed in conjunction with and is being used by Expo 2020 Dubai to coordinate their readiness programme in advance of next year's spectacle.

Simply, it allows you to get your people and assets ready as you prepare your events and venues, breaking down the complexity to gain control over (potentially) thousands of capabilities.


The basic principle is this: readiness activities comprise tabletops, simulations, walkthroughs, test events and more - that's a heavy schedule. You need coherent and efficient record-keeping, good visibility over all activities and capabilities, an easy way to report across your readiness programmes, and one source of truth to access all of this essential data. Our module helps you plan what you want to test, when you want to test it, and then record results, lessons and actions that arise.

So how does it work in practice? For a full answer here, we'll direct you to our support centre, where we have outlined the workflow for using the readiness module. But in brief, this is the basic process. Users acknowledge the capabilities (plans, equipment, processes) that need testing, and map them to activities at which each capability will be tested. Once you've set up that framework, you'll begin the activities, marking the result of each capability at an activity as passed (blue), failed (red), passed pending actions (amber), or awaiting result (grey). As the user provides these ratings, they can add lessons or actions to ensure the capability passes in the future.

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We've produced a couple of articles on major event and venue readiness:

What is readiness software for major events and how can it be used more widely? This blog serves as an introduction to major event readiness programmes and the system that we have built to enable them. There's even an international standard for readiness - ISO 22398!

Apply a major event readiness workflow to your operations. We believe that the principles and processes used by major events and venues could be applied to 'smaller' (not small!) events and venues. If you have equipment and plans that need to be ready for something, you're probably carrying out a readiness programme. Why not label it as such and get some great processes in place?

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You can explore full module functionality through our readiness webpage, or explore our help centre. We'd love to tell you about our readiness dashboards and automated reports. For a full introduction, get in touch below and we'd be delighted to give you a demo.

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