How to manage perfect event control

By Alex Beck | Feb 7, 2020 1:49:01 PM

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How to manage perfect event control

By Alex Beck | Feb 7, 2020 1:49:01 PM

Here we’re going to use our and our clients’ own experiences to consider how to manage Event Control perfectly. There are two keys: information and communication. Simply, the Event Control Room should provide the right environment to perfect these two actions.

Our initial thoughts

Information is king – and the process of information exchange is built on open and intelligent communication. Everyone involved in the ECR needs to understand the event and its risks and to get to know what is normal for the venue. The whole process runs on further information exchange, coming from on-the-ground teams, CCTV, or social media.


Looking at how two of our clients perfected their Event Control

Craig Mathie of Bournemouth 7s, the world’s largest sport and music festival, focused on collaboration and communication between all necessary parties. The relationship with local authority and event safety partners was therefore all-important. He aimed for – and achieved – ‘excellent communication’ and ‘constant and correct information’, and you can read all about his Event Control Room here.

The Special Olympics World Games (Abu Dhabi, March 2019) focused on the hi-tech. Their state-of-the-art Main Operations Centre oversaw 20,000 volunteers, visually and geographically displaying incident management data. But it always boiled down to communication, and the need to remain coordinated across the Games. Their functional and innovative space ultimately aimed to improve communication and the provision of information.


So how might Event Control be further perfected?

Detecting trends using AI software. Multiple, repetitive hazards can be logged and better predicted. Pinch-points or areas prone to incident can be identified and better operated. Crucially, this will help change the ECR from reactive to proactive.

Social media. The sharing of information has never been easier – speeding up processes of information transfer and turning spectators into your on-the-ground reporting teams!

What else should be at the forefront of our minds when organising Event Control?


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