How might our events become even better in 2019?

By Alex Beck | Sep 19, 2019 1:34:35 PM

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How might our events become even better in 2019?

By Alex Beck | Sep 19, 2019 1:34:35 PM

Thanks for reading this post! This was originally published on our old blog and has migrated over to the new website with us. 

2019 has come hurtling around the corner and before I have a chance to breathe (or write this article) we are already well into February!

I want to think about how our events might become even better in 2019. I’m not interested in rebuilding the wheel, but in making savvy, innovative changes that will improve how events are enjoyed.

We all see the latest tech trends discussed, but let’s be a bit more realistic here — be sensible, employ what we know has begun to work, board bandwagons while they are still innovative and appealing but after they have finished being in their error-strewn infancy.

We’ll look at 3 themes — speed, event tech, and the environment.


Your customers, spectators, attendees value time. There are always new ways of speeding up processes, be that in queueing, buying drinks or exiting. Here I’m taking inspiration from Tottenham Hotspur’s imminent new stadium. It’s cashless — just tap and go. And they are introducing pints that fill up from the bottom in a matter of seconds (find a video of this on YouTube!). Both initiatives that are proven to be reliable and effective — if you can introduce them into your event, you’ll be saving your attendees time and impressing them while doing it!

Event tech

Have a think about what is new, sure, but also what is existing that you have not taken up yet. One thing that springs to mind are feedback mechanisms. If we have them in airport toilets then why not in your event? They give attendees a stake in the event and allow you to make any desired changes for the next edition.

Or if you’ve been archaically planning your event using thousands of spreadsheets and emails, why not introduce some event management software…


Everywhere you look there are articles, initiatives and pledges emerging. We’ve written articles ourselves on carbon footprints and plastics. Small steps are key. Why not take a bit of time to consider the benefits if your event cut down on non-reusable plastic, or if it only served vegan food?

There are developments out there, waiting to go mainstream. You don’t need to be radical to make your event better. Why haven’t you introduced some of these yet? Better on-time than never in 2019…


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