Four ways tech can save you time and money by reducing travel

By Alex Beck | Jul 7, 2020 9:38:58 AM

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Four ways tech can save you time and money by reducing travel

By Alex Beck | Jul 7, 2020 9:38:58 AM

Travel is and always has been expensive of your time and money. Of course, there's now a new risk attached that is constantly on the mind of anyone travelling, whether internationally, domestically, or on commute: picking up or passing on infection.

In the various lockdowns imposed worldwide, we have all been forced to cut down travel to a minimum and explore other means of communication and collaborating. We've obviously seen video communication tech soar - well done to Zoom and Teams for leading the way there! But how can operations software help you cut down travel?

Here we'll explore the idea that you can cut down travel, and save time and money, by planning better, and more collaboratively, with better tools. Operations software drives efficiency and collaboration wherever your team are based. Here are 4 tangible ways it will help you save.

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1. Fewer people need to be somewhere to get something done, and it can be done more cohesively. Automate your on-site operations, such as opening checks, and collaborate on project plans. Operations software enables you to keep managers and whole teams in the loop, reducing the need for catch-up meetings or manually compiled reports. Bring people in on tasks to provide new ideas and fresh impetus, notify them, and encourage them to leave comments on tasks.

Big saving: time wasted by working in silos.


2. It makes those virtual meetings super-productive. You can share a screen of your projects, make live changes directly and immediately, automatically notify users of changes and how it affects any other member of your team. That is super-efficient. It's more than making up for face-to-face meetings, it's improving upon them.

Big saving: time spent in meetings and following up.


3. Cut down your external costs, integrating your contractors into your operations software. Facilitate your entire suite of operations by getting everyone you work with involved - not just your internal team. This will also save the need for meetings with consultants, or flights to clients or other meetings - everyone will be coherent and singing from the same sheet.

Big saving: cost of working with or integrating externals.


4. Readiness, venue checks and run sheets give you oversight of your site without the need to be present on location. Your team can input and share instant results, communicating required actions back to the operations team that will assign them, and then complete any jobs that result. This saves people hours on location, as automatic updates now suffice - this lets you have a remote event control team that don't need to be within radio reach.

Big saving: time spent managing your venue.

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If your organisation is set to be working from home more regularly, needs better oversight across venues nationally or internationally, or just wants to save time and money wherever possible, then operations software could drive the automation and collaboration that will result in big savings.


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