Event delivery software: making your project management better

By Alex Beck | Feb 7, 2020 1:46:13 PM

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Event delivery software: making your project management better

By Alex Beck | Feb 7, 2020 1:46:13 PM

You don’t wake up excited to manage a project. You wake up excited to deliver a great event.

We all want to spend less time project managing and more time event perfecting.

The best project management sees you spend less time completing admin, sending emails and compiling reports – and more time managing tasks and perfecting the details of your event.

We believe – and it’s not an original belief any more – that event tech is the only solution to achieve this. We’re not re-inventing the wheel here, but we want to lay out the ideals of event planning and delivery to underpin your great events.

Let’s look at a few of the reasons why event delivery software is essential:

  • It automates processes – you don’t need to do that laborious admin and report preparation if your system can do it for you. Those emails never need to be sent, because:
  • It engenders communication and collaboration. You can quickly see what you need to know, and what you need your team to know. Digitising processes means notification, collation, and coherence.
  • It enables you to filter and hone in on the specific information you need. No longer should every search for information require a trawl through everything.
  • It provides different views such as Calendar and Gantt, together with the filters. You can view your information the way you want to view it – not just the way you first set up your project plans months ago.
  • It offers checks-and-balances. In a big list, tasks can get missed. In a notification-based, intuitive system, you’ll catch tasks before they slip.

Prepping for your Monday morning meeting shouldn’t be taking up all of Friday (or worse, Sunday!).

If you’re spending too much time on the admin and too little on the event, it is time to refine your event planning and delivery processes.


That's our thought process - check out the nuts & bolts of our project management system here!



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